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Birds, Bees and Bugs


5/1/07 - We saw a bluebird sitting on the fence surveying the birdhouses nearby.  I truly hope that she decides to nest near our farm.  I would love to watch her progress.

5/21/07      Our gardens have become a nursery.
We have a bluebird couple nesting in the Fiesta bird house on the garden shed.  I observed the mail feeding the female a nice worm.  The babies have not hatched yet, but will soon, I think. 
We also have a killdeer who has built her nest in a dried horse apple in the back forty.  When we come around her, she leaves the nest and does a hurt bird act to draw us away.  It's amazing to watch her.  We have started placing a guard by the nest when we let the labs out to run.  I would feel so bad if those babies got hurt.

7/26/07 - Update on the birds - Our cat got the momma bluebird.  (I bought her a bell, so it shouldn't happen again.)  The chicks had hatched and the dad continued to feed them.  I think they have all flown away.  I checked the nest and there are no little dead bird bodies.  I hope another bird "couple" comes back next year.
The killdeer hatched out two of her eggs and left one behind.  We never saw the babies, so I hope the cat dodn't get them too.