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Country Gardens

Welcome to Taylor's Country Gardens!  We would like to invite you to take a stroll through the gardens, meet our animals, taste our recipes and shop in our country store. - The place to buy and sell unique, hand-crafted products from American Small and Home-Based Businesses


What's New?
The silkie babies are doing well.  We have moved them to a neighbor's hen house.  They were having a hard time with the bigger hens.  They are growing nicely and are good little scratchers.
We took the 4-H lambs to fair.  We didn't do so well in the judging, but ended up getting over $1100.00 for both lambs at the Stock Sale.  The kids were happy with their year in 4-H.
Our digital camera is still dead! @#$#$@#   Haven't been shopping yet.  Too many expenses with college and high school.  I wanna spend money on me and my farm.  *whine*

Our gardens are in Zone 4a

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